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This MMI Box worked perfectly on my 2019 M4. Customer service is amazing and they always reply in a timely manner and have all the information you need. UI for the MMI box is fast and works exactly as described. If you don't have the aux in on your car, you just need to use the USB to aux that's included in the package. I will definitely buy from Andream again if I ever need another retrofit.

Great upgrade for non-iDrive

I had a shop perform the install. Everything went smoothly and they even converted the ashtray 12v into a flush USB port. Everything looks factory/OEM-like.
CarPlay works great both wired and wireless. My E90 330i has rear PDC and it shows up on the reverse graphic which is nice. The included iDrive knob feels cheap but it works. My only major complaint is the screen brightness. It auto dims when your headlights come on which is nice since I don’t like to be blinded at night. However it’s just a bit too dim in the daytime brightness setting and just slightly too dim in the darkened setting. I maxed out the brightness to 100 as well. Also, i wish it auto connected CarPlay in wired mode. I have to select “USB CarPlay” everytime where as with my F30 MMI Andream, it connected automatically when plugged in through wired USB. Overall very happy with it.


I purchased this for my 2013 BMW X5 E70 and honestly couldn’t be happier. It came from China but cleared customs and was in my hand in a week which I thought was really fast. There weren’t installation instructions so I messaged Andreams Facebook account and ended up getting them right away which was great. Install was extremely easy even though I missed hooking up the AUX cable so I didn’t have sound at first. Once I got that hooked up this thing worked amazing. Sound quality is stunning. It switches between the OEM and CarPlay interface extremely easily. I also purchased the CCD rear view camera which also works amazing!!!! All I had to hook up was the video cable and power as the system automatically recognizes when I shift to reverse so no need to connect to a twilight wire. Overall this system is 110% worth the price and if you don’t have a rear view camera I highly suggest getting as it pairs great with the new screen and my stock radar sensors in my bumpers.

Exactly what I needed

Great product and delivery was very quick! I would buy another when neended.

Really Good

Only tested for one day yet, but it works like intended.
Only complain is that should be a manual or link to a manual in the box.
Have installed using videos on Youtube and worked well.
Still finding out to configure certain things, but its very easy to use.

Best possible outcome

I was leary and did my research. My 2011 x5 feels like a brand new car. Works seamlessly. Fast. Thoroughly impressed. I didn't do the install, but they said it wasn't too complicated. 10/10.

2012 X5/E70 35i

not terribly difficult, except figuring out how to run the aux cable to the console. I ended up running along the driver's side of the console up into the storage compartment. I drilled a hole in the protruding plastic piece next to the aux/usb jacks where there was already a slot. getting the fat adapter cable smashed back behind the stereo took a few tries, but was ultimately successful. I skipped wiring USB and WIFI to the screen for now, as I don't need them. My only real complaint once I realized I was going to need the aux is that my screen is not screwed into the original screen mounting holes. My screen mounting tabs were in wrong location. The vent piece and rear plastic hooks are all that is holding screen in place (hence the 4 stars). Seems sturdy, but makes me wonder if I was sent wrong part or need an additional bracket.

excellent. just as good as running factory bluetooth, but now with Android Auto, I can actually see the Artist/Song info.

switches between factory and screen functionality quite well and after finding the pin here in the reviews to unlock, I was able to configure screen resolution, etc. code is 1368 for those of you searching. putting vehicle in reverse successfully switches to OEM backup camera view.

my only other complaint is that music keeps playing on my phone, but not through the unit when I switch back to OEM menu (including the auto switch for backup camera). will look through the settings to see if this is fixable.

would be nice to be able to close or control if/when navigation opens when using Android Auto, as I don't always need it, but it takes up screen space. plus it will likely keep location active on phone and drain battery.

Great Box

Unfortunately, no description comes with the box, but Andream responds quickly and sends the description in PDF. It is very easy to install, and there are many videos on how to do it on YouTube.


Very satisfied with how it looks. It take a while to play music when you first get in the car.


Der Einbau war sehr aufwendig, vor allem, wenn man so etwas noch nie gemacht hat. Das verlegen der Leitung ist mit Abstand das anspruchsvollste und nimmt die meiste Zeit ein. Die Kamera passt perfekt in die Halterung. Die Betätigung des Kofferraumes ist jetzt minimal schwieriger geworden und das Kabel ist der Kamera könnte bisschen länger sein können. Bei mir passt es beim f31 auf den Millimeter genau. Das anschließen der Kamera ging einwandfrei und die Qualität ist Gut für den Preis von 35€.

Works very well- 2012 x5 35d

Key tips: tape the aux cable to the extension to keep it from pulling out behind the dash. Do no install the head unit until the cables are connected to the display, not enough cable length to get hands behind the screen. The connector to the head unit needs the fibers transferred, need to cut out the webbing holding the wire bundle, retape back when pulled out. Pull the drivers side panel under the dash to get cabling pulled back to re-install head unit. Do not force it, can take several tries. Once installed select the correct options for the model. I do like the screen, even if you don't need the car play its a great replacement for the oem screen.

Nice upgrade.

Huge upgrade from stock screen. Looks great. Wish it had screen mirroring but either way still a big upgrade. I would’ve left 5 stars if it came with descriptive instructions. It does not come with any instructions. After emailing them they did email very vague instructions. I installed without the instructions, took me 4 hours. I think they should include detailed instructions for every make and model because I believe it could have been installed in 45 mins if they were included. I’d still recommend this product. Like I said it’s a huge upgrade!!!

Screen review

really nice screen! just be careful with the screen support. the suspension points are quite weak and broke off on me. other than that i am very happy with it

Problems with touchpad and Coolwalk

I am using your product, in Audi A7 of 2012 without touch screen and with touchpad and Android Auto, attach imagen panel of control of Audi A7, so far I am satisfied with the product except for

1.- That the touchpad does not work for me and according to its manual it should work. I would like to know if any other client has the same problem.

2.- When using the new Android Auto interface called Coolwak, there is no way to enter the applications that are on the main screen via the vehicle's controls. And I would like to know if the same thing happened to someone and if your product will only be able to be used with vehicles with touch screens.

Mandatory upgrade

This was my second purchase of Andream for two separate cars. Do you self a favor and cut the passenger side radio carrier off (halfway)to make tucking the wire harnesses in much easier. There are many you tube videos to watch for installation tips and tricks....Aside from that the unit works great1

Needs OEM microphone support!

Only thing from stopping me to buy this, is that there is no support for the OEM microphone. How come this dosent support it whilst the MMI box have the OEM microphone support? Please massage me if this is on its way. Great products overall but this is something i really need.

Works nicely for the price !

Bought this after seeing many sellers for outrageous prices and decided to take a risk on this main distributor Andream. Company contacted me to confirm the right headunit and shipped out immediately, install was very lengthy since it was my first time but once I watched a few videos it was very understanding. Everything was plug and play as advertised and once connected through wifi and Bluetooth originally, it will automatically sync when you start your car. Only con I have from this is the unavailable use of skipping music from the steering wheel but using the Siri function is just as good. Also there’s sometimes a skipping lag when switching between idrive & the mmi unit and flashes a few times but nothing worth changing my mind over. Love this kit and will buy again as it completely changed my cars modern abilities.

Good product but needs installation instructions

Overall I am happy with the product, but it lacks instructions. Especially when it comes to hooking up sound. There's an optical sound cable (green and black cord plugged into the OEM wiring harness). See the attached illustration.

Work with supra

Dose this headUnit works withe the new toyota supra? ( the new supra uses the Bmw Idrive 6 infotaiment)

Good Value for Price

In my case BMW X3 2010 with no display, I wanted 3 features. Wireless CarPlay, Bluetooth phone call and rear view camera and this device delivers on all 3 for around $350 price. I already had bluetooth phone call module, though no music streaming in my BMW.

Installation of this device is straightforward after watching bunch of youtTube on BMW X3 e83, it took me couple of hours with me being careful and if I have to do it again, it would take me 30-45 minutes.

After the installation everything worked great except, I had issues with bluetooth calling where the other person could hear me and I couldn't. I contacted Andream and the support person mentioned did you turn off original Bluetooth? So, I found the Bluetooth module in the back driver side compartment (sliver box) and I took the cable out. Now I could hear the other person and they could hear me even when the car is running.

It is only 2 days since I have installed this unit so why 4 stars.
Good things first.
1) Works as advertised. Wireless CarPlay works with iPhone 14 Pro. All apps which support CarPlay work.
2) Overall 10.25 screen is nice and in my X3 I don't feel a need for iDrive module.
3) Supports phone calls.
4) Supports backup camera.
5) Sound quality is good and similar to what I was using with aux cable before.
6) Looks like a factory device since you remove the storage compartment to put this screen.
7) Backup camera turns on right away (1/2 second delay) as you put in reverse.

Things which could be improved
1) No manual?? come on.. it takes an hour to write a document with some pictures for installation and settings. That should be included.
2) My box came with no hardware to secure the device on plastic frame. There should be better quality control. Had to go to local hardware store and pick up few bolts and screws.
3) there is 1/2 sec delay when you tap on screen and music stops. Not sure why since tapping on app seems more responsive.
4) Screen has some glare on direct sunlight. At least, there should be some option to put an antiglare film or something.

Overall, I am very happy with the unit. The price is very reasonable for a touchscreen with Wireless CarPlay, Bluetooth phone call and rear view camera.
I wish I would have gotten this before. Time will tell the reliability though for now it seems to work great.

Trash. Asking me for a review in a product I still have YET to receive or get tracking for. No rear view camera has been seen. Received. Or shipped to my knowledge

Please check your mail, the camera has arrived in the US and will be delivered soon.

First World Problems SOLVED!!

If anyone is thinking about installing this head unit and reverse camera on their E61 BMW stop thinking about it and just do it. This has been one of the best purchases I’ve made. Took only a couple hours to install the head unit and test the reverse camera one day and a couple hours to install the reverse camera the next…really makes this 14 year old car feel like it’s brand new. 10/10 would recommend. Beautiful display, quickly connects to my phone, and reverse camera is very clear. No instructions were included but YouTube has plenty of videos of similar units and is a very easy install…now there is not instructions for reverse camera install on E61 (wagon) but I found a thread which basically said to route the reverse camera cables in the headliner…it is a PITA around the hinge, but like I said it only took a few hours to completely route the cables and get it working…took a bit of playing around in the settings to get the OEM iDrive display centered perfectly and working properly. As far as the glare goes, I haven’t experienced it yet, but heard there are screen protectors to help out with this.

Very Good

I installed the 10inch variant into my 2011 E90 328xi (manual) with no previous screen. There are no included instructions, but the unit is near identical to MotiveSupplies head unit which has well documented reviews / installation guides on Youtube (will link below). With just a dremel tool, shears, a screwdriver, prytool, and a ratchet I was able to finish the job in two afternoons. I am very happy with how it turned out, the screen has a very OEM + look to it and doesn't appear out of place. The reason I wouldn't give a 5 star review is the lack of any instructions and the response time of the screen is just slow enough to be laggy (not unbearable, just slow). I would highly recommend this product, it's very worth it. YouTube video placeholder
Excellent service and communications

There are several options to getting an aftermarket apple carplay all which are over $600. I found the Andream MMI converter and I must say at first i was hesitant; but the converter arrived as scheduled, well packaged and although it did not have instructions all it took was an email and I received the instructions. There are several things that need to be done as this is a DIY install. At the end everything came out perfect, i have had apple carplay on my car and it is so mich better than the OEM radio, and for 1/3 of the price! Thank you Andream team!