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Carplay mmi for Mercedes Benz

I have installed Carplay for almost 2 years and do not regret buying it. It works perfectly, Spotify, Waze, Maps and Google Maps, Amazon Music, and even write Whatsapp with voice prompts, I like Andream! Installation takes about 1-2 hours, depending on manual flexibility, but is doable for everyone.


Product is great so far, had a few issues and was a pain in the —- to install but got it in and it works great looks great, glare can be pretty bad but I mean for being the cheapest head unit, quickest shipping, and quality it’s great, only issue I do have still is because I have no back up camera a weird screen showing the factory screen pops up when in reverse soon should be fixed by getting a back up camera, and then the factory screen also has a weird resolution i still haven’t figured out those 2 things are the only reason it’s not 5 besides that everything is good also no instructions but not hard to figure out

Fast Delivery , good Support,

The delivery to Germany was realy fast. I missed a Instruction Manual and and User Manual, it was not included . In request i fit everything. Installation was easy, only to hide the cable and the box was a Little Bit difficult.But in the Ems was everything OK. In 2hours it was completly installed.

Amazing Product!

As it says it is simply “plug and play”. I replaced the ugly 6.5” screen on my 2015 320i. Looks great and connects to Bluetooth CarPlay without any issues.

Quick shipping

Just received. Had question on switch settings and gave quick response

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As advertised. Expectations are met.

Easy installation process. Works as advertised. Actually has better UI than in 2 years old videos.
I definitely saved $500 compared to BimmerTech MMI Prime.
Shipping was fast too: NJ to MA in 3 days.

Took some trial and error, but works beautifully

I have a 228i F22 and to easily install and facilitate the speed of it, you should have plastic pry tools for the vents/covers and a drill to get the T20 screws out fast and to put them in faster. Actually, for me, the drill was necessary since my car has the super large OEM radio unit and stuffing it back in was difficult so I did what any other lack of patience person would do, by just drilling it back in while making as much room as possible with the carplay unit. As for the performance and look of the carplay, its pretty solid. No better or worse than what you would get in a car that comes with it originally. The connection for setting up can be a tad bit finicky but once its set up, you really don’t have to worry about it again since it auto detects and auto launches (wireless) as long as you have wifi and bluetooth enabled. I also love that if you hold the menu button you can switch between the OEM BMW menu to check any diag messages or tire pressure etc and then hold menu again to go back to the glorious carplay. MAKE SURE you adjust your on/off switches accordingly to your screen size or you will put back everything just to see a blank screen! (made that mistake). I also recommend disconnecting the battery in the trunk while doing this process just for safety. Also do not use the car’s bluetooth audio setting, set the car to AUX in the OEM setting even if you’re using wireless. If you notice intermittent stuttering and general jittery audio, its because you aren’t technically using the carplay unit’s sound driver. This unit is a bit different than OEM in terms of tone so you may want to go into both the OEM menu to adjust bass and treble and the carplay unit to adjust the EQ.

A Very good carplay add on

I've had it for around a week so far and it works great on my is350. I just had to look up a video on how to take the radio out and after everything was apart it was very easy with the instructions they provide. Apple Carplay ends up loading up faster than my phone connects to the car's Bluetooth! The reason I gave it 4 stars is because the dip switch settings they provide (at least for my car) were not correct which took me a while to figure out the correct ones, also controlling Apple Carplay with the mouse style controls is somewhat clunky. When you first get it go into the settings and adjust the brightness up by 2 notches and lower the saturation by 1-2 and it will look much better.

I’m Lovin’ It!

When I ordered the CarPlay interface online, a representative from Andream emailed me the same day to verify the make and model of my car. They wanted to ensure that the correct interface was shipped to me. That was very impressive!

As far as the interface itself, I like that I have modern technology in my older car (2011). As of today, I have had it for only a week, so I’m not sure of all of the features. The features I really like are the equalizer and the loudness adjustment. I can fully customize my high end system.

Great Product

Very happy with this radio. Makes my 2009 feel like a 2019. 10/10 recommend, easy install

no manual or installation details

technical support has been excellent but I would not have to use tech support if they included installation details and a user manual.
spent 5 days trying get the unit to work and two visits to the professional installer $300 1st visit $200 2nd $100 could not blame him as he didnt know what all the wire were for.

Surpassed my expectations

This screen surpassed my expectations. It works really well. It also has wireless Android Auto. It wasn't difficult to install. All features worked as described. I replaced the original small screen that came with my BMW 428i with the 10.25" screen. It looks great on the car. The original controls still work plus you have the new touch screen functionality. The only thing I will request is a non-glossy screen option, or an option to buy a separate non-glossy protector that we can apply to the screen to prevent unwanted reflections. Overall a great product, and so far it is working well.

Great product and doesn’t compromise audio quality!

I trusted Andream as opposed to other AliExpress boxes and I’m glad I did! The price is still under $300 and compared to a previous one I installed for my 4 series that clearly degraded the audio output, the Andream unit realizes the maximum potential of my Harmon Kardon system! However I got no instruction manual at all for my F10 box, so I had to rely on online videos.

Very Nice Upgrade

I absolutely love this screen. The install is a bit annoying but that’s expected with almost any European car. It is a major update from the factory unit, and it is very nice to be able to flip back to the old factory screen. Before my order was fulfilled the company reached out to me and asked for me to provide photos so they could confirm I was to receive the correct screen for my car. This made me feel very confident in the product choice and I am very grateful for them doing this.

Worked Great!

‘12 328i, unit was very easy to install! Sometimes it’s a little slow to connect to my phone but I haven’t had any issues with it so far. Had an issue where the sound wasn’t working on my driver door speaker but support informed me that the plug wasn’t plugged in completely, checked the back of the screen and saw it had come loose, all speakers were working after that.

Car feels a lot more modern now and the touchscreen/CarPlay is fun to use. No regrets on the unit.

Awesome upgrades for E60 CCC!!!

Ordered and installed two Apple CarPlay/Android Auto HUs on two LCI (post 2008) E60s, replacing one with OME (no nav) 6.5" screen, and another with OEM navigation 8.8" - both (M-ASK/CCC) work equally well once setup properly. The rear view camera is another major upgrade for these E60s, making you feel like driving a modern cars instead. iDrive and steering wheel audio controls continue to work just as before.

As others have said - there was no installations instructions included. However, the process was pretty much straight forward once you know which connections to make; and which to leave unplugged :)

Here are a few tips besides those that have already been mentioned Steven H. and other reviewers:

. If the original car display aspect ratio is off (seeing conked/half screen of OEM screen, for instance, especially if you're upgrading from nav. 8.8" OEM), go to factory setting (use code '1368'), and select the correct original OEM display type. Don't see it displayed on the screen? Use the touch screen on the right side to scroll down - it's there, just that the scroll bar is missing (reviewer Greg W. in SD had this issue, I believe)

. If the iDrive controller does not work properly (lags or no reponses...), you'd need to select the right iDrive controller type from the factory setting (type 'B' for both of mine).

. If your audio cuts out putting the car into reverse, check (or unchecked - I forgot which) the reverse camera audio silent from the factory setting - no more audio interruption.

. If you're installing a rear camera, you'd only need to run the yellow RCA (video) with built in positive feed from the trunk to the HU. For the trunk side, connect the positive (red) feed to the positive feed (red) on the camera/trunk latch, leave the black/ground disconnected. On the HU side, connect the positive feed (red) to the pink lead (labeled as 'CAM POW'). That's all there is to it, no need tap into reverse light circuit nor using the small power block included in the camera kit.
Camera works like a charm, come on when putting into reverse; and cuts out in a few seconds after putitng back into drive.

Good product

Having sound issues, a part from that great product easy install I wish my sound was working … I contact them just waiting

Does what it's supposed to and more

Was easier install than I made it. Does wireless CarPlay, also wireless Android auto. It looks great, definitely could use directions.

Great product

Great product would be nice if it came with instructions also


I did LOTS of research prior to purchasing any aftermarket head unit for my E70 Diesel. Found a response in a BMW forum who said these were excellent. To my amazement this head unit is nearly $200.00 cheaper than other suppliers of nearly the same product listed online like Amazon etc. Wiring was a BREEZE. It took me less than 30 minutes to install. I have a background as a mechanic and anyone who is not mechanically/electrically inclined can easily install this product. There are also several YouTube videos of these head units being installed step by step. NO Splicing of any wires were required. I didn't have to cut or modify any of my interior for this product to fit. All-in-all I'm extremely happy. The representative for this product reached out and confirmed the details of my vehicle prior to shipping the unit to ensure I would be satisfied with my purchase. The Factory Bose Sound System is also complimented well with the additional audio tuning through this unit, you get a huge updated screen like the newer BMW's, The CarPlay works great & IT'S AFFORDABLE! Rest assured you're getting a nice product.

It's Alive!²

To start, the return offer is unrealistic. 7 day after order for a return expires before you receive the order. So, no chance to have the money refunded. Moving on, once you get the unit, the first thing you notice is instructions. None! They supply 2 YouTube links, both of which are for BMWs. Not that helpful for my Mini! Fortunately, there is a plethora of other videos available. Following these tips are crucial. Once installed and configured, the unit performed as described. Android Auto works as described. Phone quality is not as good, but OK. So overall, a 95% solution. Another issue is support, which for me was zero. 2 different requests for help, neither of which was answered.
But overall, this was 300 bucks well spent. Now to give it a few months of road test.

No manual or instructions

box arrive with no paper work, no manual, no installation instructions, no dip switch setting.
emailed, messaged no reply.......
im a biomedical engineer so this should be within my skill set if given the correct information

perfect fit for F23 2015 M235

to replace the original screen and now is bigger brighter and has android auto!

the first issue i had, which is now resolved, is the split screen like in the "red" background photo, the resolution is to change the factory setting to NBT, as in the product description, using password 1368

now it works perfectly, the only issue now is the dash time won't update with the time setting on original screen, but other than that its a great product

Great Upgrade

Great upgrade to my 2013 335i. Works great and I love having the back up camera. Highly recommend this if you don't have carplay! Install was a bit of a challenge, I'm a novice but Andream was responsive via messenger. Lots of helpful youtube videos out there.