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great product / terrible installation directions

I ordered the product after a little online research. Basically they are all the same and you could not beat the price point for this unit. What would make this unit over the top is a single piece of paper with a link to DIRECTIONS on how to install this unit. I watched the Youtube videos from other Sellers which made the install super easy and I found an online set of directions which helped significantly with the set-up of the unit after the install. These directions helped troubleshoot a couple of problems and now the unit works perfectly. It would be nice if the company I bought this from supplied this instead of making me search the internet for solutions.

Big upgrade with some minor annoyances

I got this unit for my 2007 530i that has M-ASK/CCC radio without navigation and manual transmission. I also ordered a backup camera to go with it. The install is pretty easy, but the backup camera was more difficult. I'll leave my review of the backup camera on that product page. This review is just for the CarPlay headunit.

There are some minor problems with this CarPlay/Android Auto unit that hopefully will be fixed in the future:

1. The up and down arrows on the steering don't do anything in CarPlay/Android Auto mode, but all the other steering wheel controls work fine.
2. The aux input switching in "auto" mode is unreliable so I set it to manual and use the steering wheel button to change it as necessary.
3. The audio volume can be inconsistent. Sometimes it is way too loud, other times it is too quiet. Doesn't happen that often though.
4. The Bluetooth connection to the unit works (shows as CAR-KIT), but the Android Auto Phone app says that Bluetooth is disconnected even though it is working.
5. There is noticeable lag in the controls from the iDrive knob and sometimes the inputs are not detected correctly (cursor goes the wrong direction).
6. The audio output from the unit goes into the AUX inputs on the back of the radio (which requires the radio to stay on AUX when using the system) but the left and right signals are swapped inside the harness. I fixed it by swapping the left and right pins inside the plug at the radio end. Easy thing to test, not sure how they got this wrong.
7. The screen is very glossy and it catches the sun. I have ordered some matte screen protectors which hopefully will help.
8. The USB plug that is required for Android Auto is just hanging out of my dash. There's no professional looking way to mount it. It would be nice if the kit included a replacement pocket for under the radio with USB port mounted inside.
9. Audio playback through Android Auto only works while the unit is active. If you switch to factory screen, the audio stops. It would be nice to have a way to keep the audio playing.
10. The harness included in the kit has some flex to the latching mechanism which allows it to snap into place without actually being fully inserted. In my case I lost all audio output except subwoofers. It took me a minute to notice that the large square plug was about 1 mm out on one corner. If you pay attention during install, it's not a problem.
11. Technical support is good but not great. There's no documentation included with this kit at all, zero, zip, nada. Be prepared to figure things out yourself. There are some good YouTube videos showing how it all goes together though.

Now for the good:
1. This is a huge improvement from factory look, really helps you forget you're driving a 15+ year old car.
2. Sound quality through Android Auto is very good, noticeably better than my cheap Bluetooth adapter I was using. Also this kit does not disable the existing headphone jack AUX input if you have one from the factory.
3. The screen looks professional and Waze, Spotify and Google Maps all work and look great.
4. It is surprising how well the factory controls work to control Android Auto. Even if they don't work 100% the touchscreen always works.
5. The USB plug used for Android Auto and CarPlay does charge the phone (though I'm not sure how fast it can charge).
6. This unit has it's own Bluetooth which works far better than the build in Bluetooth from BMW. It does not require you to deactivate the system that came with the car, but you should probably unpair from it and use either this one or that one but not both.

Overall, it's an excellent value with potential to become even better!

Works well, needs documentation

I bought this to use with my 2007 530i and the Andream CarPlay head unit. The camera install is not too hard if you are familiar with installing car stereos or alarm systems. You have to remove the trunk lid lining and some of the interior trim to run cabling. The hard part is that there is no documentation with this kit, none at all. Andream support sent me a picture of the wiring, but it was not complete. There is a black box that comes with this camera and I figured out (via Google translate) that it has input and output power leads and that the input side is wired between ground and the tail light bulb power wire in the trunk. The output lead runs to the camera power wires. Then you take the positive lead on the camera and tie it in with the red wire that is molded into the video cable. At the other end of the video cable, take the red wire and connect it to the pink wire on the Andream CarPlay head unit. This is the signal wire to switch the display to show the backup camera. Set the option in the CarPlay unit to "360 Camera" and uncheck the "Mirror mirror" option. To prevent the camera from activating when the car checks the reverse bulb (which happens randomly while driving all the time) you also need to use Carly or NCS Expert/NCS Dummy to code out hot and cold monitoring of the reverse lights. After all that, the camera works really well and has steering lines that move with the steering wheel. The trunk release seems to work fine, though it is a little loose fitting and I suspect water may leak around it into the trunk lid over time. I plan on using some sealant around the perimeter of the handle. For $15, it's a good value if you know what you are doing.


Just installed the 10.25" on my 2015 F30 328i (replaced the 6.5" OEM screen). Installation was very straight forward, I just follow along this YouTube video ( I was pleasantly surprise how easy it was to swap it out . I'm so happy with it that I'm buying the retrofit version for my wife's 2015 Mercedes ML350. One thing I did noticed was there is a half of second lag controlling the wireless CarPlay through the iDrive buttons and knobs, but its not a showstopper considering how affordable this unit is, not to mention it looks awesome. The silver trim around the screen matches perfectly with the interior silver trim also. It can't looked more OEM than that. Overall, highly recommend!

2010 M3 Apple carplay and Android auto

Works looks amazing nice and clear! Had issue with install do to extra cables in packaging. I used messenger and had problem solved in a hour!

Very satisfied with Apple car play android auto

I was wondering which system to buy, very pleased with the option I decided of Apple car play & android auto over the full android system for my car upgrade as having more options and can only get better.. Andream have been very busy in helping from the time of purchase to the delivery an now with advice on install there very responsive to the chat room on anything that you have concerns about pleased that I bought from this company thanks for everything you have advised me.. Totally recommend

Great little screen. Near perfect.

I just installed mine today. Super easy on 17’ 320i with a base 6.5 no nav.

Touch screen
Wifi/BT/Wired connection
Plug and play, super easy to install
Audio adjustment
Plenty of customizations *HUGE PLUS*
8.8 screen 100% perfect fit.
Work with factory back-up camera

Only provide sound while on carplay menu/screen, once you jumped to idrive system, the sound cut off. *Hope there will be a software update that will address this.
Could be brighter ( I turned my backlit to 100 but still not meet my expectation)
A little bit glossy, but plenty of anti glare film is available on Amazon to fix

My advice:
Use Wifi connection, I have used it w/o any connection issue
As soon as I'm done using back up camera, I immediately pushing the parking assist button to jump back to carplay for music
Turn the Bass down on EQ setting, mess around with those settings to find your best fit
While wrap everything up from finishing installing, make sure to zip tie all those extra wires or else they would rattle inside.
After install, if no sound at all, go to idrive multimedia and select AUX, then go back to carplay and select your music.
Be gentle with every pin and connectors while install or reinstall.

P/S: I love it so much, I would never go back with an old junky 6.5. Having carplay w/ touch screen is sooo amazing.
Would Recommend.

Easy cop

Had one for my e60 m5 so I had to get one for my f30 328i. Works flawlessly. Only downfall is that you need an aux for audio and that it doesn’t really explain what some of the cables are. Other than that this product is awesome. Needed this because the 6 in factory screen is garbazo

Works well

Got delivered pretty quickly. Installation was pretty simple. Find some tutorials on YouTube on how to install head units. Wired CarPlay works flawlessly. Wireless CarPlay works too but you’d have to manually connect to the units Bluetooth each time you turn on the car. I’m just using the wired CarPlay for now since it’s more convenient. It works with the original backup camera. Just don’t forget to select it in the settings otherwise you won’t see the video feed coming through. If your original interface (the UI that you see in the old screen) looks fuzzy, go to factory settings, enter the code 1368 and select your original unit’s screen size. Mine is NBT 6.5.

Support is pretty quick with responding. Just make sure you email instead. The Facebook messenger option takes a while sometimes.

Amazing Quality and Easy to Install

The installation process only took about 30 minutes with the right tools and once it was installed everything works perfectly. The wireless connection connects seamlessly right as you turn on the car and there is absolutely no lag which I was worried about. Shipment arrives in about 4 business days which is amazing and the airplay feature is quality as you can watch videos with zero lag. Great Product and Great way to add carplay to an older car.

follow up to my previous review

In my previous review, I mentioned about not be able to make iDrive work under "factory setting". Actually, I didn't scroll down to see ccc iDrive type. After I found it, and made the selection, iDrive works well. Sorry about the misinformation, and hope other buyers go smoothly.

carplay for E90

The purchase process is straightforward, the shipping tracking is timely, I received the order within 10 days. I wish it came with a written installation manual, however I emailed Mr. Wang, he emailed it to me with links for two helpful videos. I installed the new screen and the harness without manual, the system is working.

But, I couldn't use my iDrive to select icons on the carplay screen. I entered the password for the factory setting, but didn't see the selection for iDrive as shown on the manual. I am contacting Mr. Wang to find out whether there are alternative methods. I attached a picture of the factory setting (password 1368) where no iDrive selection (A/B) was shown, also a picture of carplay screen where I wish to be able to turn iDrive button to select icons. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks.

Screen for 2013 F30

This this is better than I expected, well worth it

CarPlay for Audi Q5

Just installed the CarPlay kit for my 2015 Audi Q5. Works great. The seller is very responsive and good to deal with. Overall, a good experience.

Great Product! Easy to install on my e90 Xdrive 2011

I ordered on November 7th and got the item delivered on November 20th. I watched lots of tutorials on Youtube and Andream website just to understand how it works! (I’m a newbie 100% and have no skills at all). Took me 4 hours to install and get everything done. (MMI Carplay and reverse camera).
Few things that you might need to know:
- If your bmw does have original mic, you don’t need to install an external mic. (Mine does have one but it doesn’t work, and I had to install the extra mic).
- If iDrive works, you don’t need to install those idrive cables. I would recommend to put all cables together with the MMI box, reverse camera) to make sure it works, then organize it.
- The MMI box doesn’t fit behind the unit head, you can either put it in the glove box or under glove box. For me, I hide it behind the glove box (at the fuse box).
The hardest part for me is putting everything back together. The quadlock is way too big and it took me more than 30 min to put the head unit back in place.
If you need help, feel free to email me at


Received the mail today. Got everything connected and made a few mistakes but now I have it connected correctly. It is a very good unit. Very simple menu and it works great. I had previously had a backup and front camera (after market) installed. I connected the cameras and now when you put the car in reverse you have a camera and will driving lines. The front camera is connected to the dvr. I have no complaints this had to be one time I bought something and it works with the car no modifications needed. I am very pleased. Andream great unit and thank you.


Very pleased with the head unit as it seamlessly was installed and it integrated with the EOM just as described! The only thing missing is anti-glare, but will search for something to resolve this.. Excited to have successfully updated my 2013 BMW X5 antiquated head unit, with this fully loaded unit!

CarPlay in a 12 year old BMW?

Yep! It works great, looks great, and is easy to install.

Camera working

Installed the camera last weekend...
Perfect images...
Happy with the results.


Amazing product, quick shipping. Even helped out with the many questions I had pertaining apps and what features you can do. Have referred over 20+ Other BMW Owners to this product within the past 2 days. Qualityof product, sound, picture and ease of install makes this a number one contender.

Nice addition als reverse camera.

Picture quality is good. Used de red wire from de video line and connected it to de pink wire on the andream unit. Reverse is automatically switched on without connecting to the reverse bulb. Only the dirt is not very tight. It can fall out. But with a little bit of glue a perfect addition for your money.
Used the FAQ of for the wiring.

Awesome Product

Very awesome addition to a old car (06 bmw e60) for very affordable price. Installation was very straight forward and backup camera very easy. I wish the music had cover art along with music but besides that 5/5 👍

Great product - reasonable price

It took a few hours to install in my e89 Z4 2011 with iDrive.
Microphone is very responsive (chose to install the included microphone instead of connecting to existing) and even though audio-in comes in from the center compartment aux plug, sound quality is great.
Hardest part of the install was the placement of the module below the globe compartment as the space is very limited there, I hope the module gets enough ventilation in there.
Wireless and wired Apple CarPlay work great, mirror screening is a bit lagging but video quality in the existing iDrive screen is very impressive.
Sound equalizer and display settings allow you to customize the sound/visual experience as desired.
Haven’t connected any front/rear camera, so I can’t comment on that.

Happy with my purchase, customer service via FaceBook messenger app has been very helpful during installation. Module comes already program for your car’s screen size.

I will recommend and will update post after a year of having the module installed.

Andream CIC unit for BMW E93

Good delivery, Have a couple of problems with bluetooth contacts out of order and some audio issues when listening to radio and using GPS at same time. Also unit only come with Europe maps and no Australian maps, Have placed install and review video on Youtube