8.8" Wireless CarPlay Android Auto GPS Navigation Head Unit Screen For BMW Series 3 5 E60 E61 E63 E64 M6 E90 E91 E92 E93 M3 Upgrade Car Radio


Original system:

Before purchasing, you can consult our customer service wzxm@ewaygps.com to obtain a discount code.

Applicable models and years 

CCC system with OEM 6.5/8.8 screen
For BMW 5 Series E60/E61 2003-2008
For BMW 6 Series E63/E64 2003-2008 
For BMW 3 Series E90/E91/E92/E93 2005-2008
For BMW M6 M5 M3 2004-2009

CIC system with OEM 6.5/8.8 screen
For BMW 5 Series E60/E61 2008-2010
For BMW 6 Series E63/E64 2008-2010
For BMW 3 Series E90/E91/E92/E93 2008-2013
For BMW M6 M5 M3 2009-2012.

NOTE: Please make sure your car has AUX function. The CarPlay head unit outputs sound through AUX.


    While the unit (CarPlay/Android-auto Head unit) is inactive, the original video signal is passed unchanged and your car works as before.

    After activating the CarPlay/Android-auto Head unit, the CarPlay/Android-auto unit video signal is shown on the display instead.

    When you reverse the car while using the CarPlay/Android-auto system, the system will automatically switch to the camera without manual operation.

    You can easily switch back and forth between the CarPlay/Android-auto and your original head unit. (TIPS: Press and hold the “Menu” key to switch the system)

    Compatible with all functions of the original car system (most of the steering wheel control functions, original car Idrive knob, original parking sensors, original Car Optic fiber system and so on)

    Using the CarPlay/Android-auto Head unit is optional and should be seen as an add-on and not as a replacement.


    This is a multimedia touch screen with built-in compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Google Android auto. It will replace your OEM screen and add the following features to your car:

    • Wireless CarPlay (wired and wireless)

    Enjoy,control, and view certain iPhone-based apps through the unit (Support wireless & wired connection,Compatible with iPhone 5 and later)

    • Android Auto (wired and wireless)

    Access your phone content such as messaging.calling, music services andnavigation while you're driving(Support wireless & wired connection)

    • Smart Voice Control

    Once connected to CarPlay/Android Auto, Siri and Google Assistant can be activated by simply saying "Hey Siri" and "Hey Google" or touching the mic button.Get directions, make calls and more with just a word or a touch.

    • USB media playback

    Plug and play offline music and video, convenient and fast

    • Music App

    Easy to switch songs,channels and adjust volumeto provide you a safer and more enjoyable journey

    • GPS Navigation

    Support various of Maps like Google Maps,Waze and ect...Access anywhere with one touch,
    and also helps you find more to see and do when you getthere — whether you're searching for points of interest,driving to a favorite restaurant, or looking for nearby gas stations.

    • Bluetooth phone

    Car Bluetooth phone calls, freeing hands to drive safer

    • Reverse image

    Compatible original cameras and aftermarket cameras(Front camera, Rear camera and 360-degree camera. Automatic switching when reversing)


    • This unit is not an Android system. It must be connected to your phone (wired or wireless) to use CarPlay and Android auto functions. Without a mobile phone connected, you can only use the OEM system or simple music and video playback functions.
    • This unit does not support AirPlay and screen mirroring.

    Product Specifications

    Brand:  Andream
    Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China
    SKU: EW963QLCP
    Warranty Policy:  2-Year warranty

    Screen size:  8.8" 
    Screen type:  IPS
    Resolution:  1280*480
    Microphone:   Built-in
    Bluetooth:   Built-in
    WIFI:  Built-in
    USB port:  1



    Single Package Size: 32cm*20cm*16cm
    Single gross weight: 3KG

    • 1 * Touch Screen
    • 1 * Power Cable
    • 1 * USB Cable



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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 26 reviews
      BGH (Melbourne, AU)
      A few niggles but a pretty decent upgrade for my 2010 E91 + CIC

      I bought this screen with the reversing camera a couple of months ago. It's been a pretty decent investment and overall I am glad that I did it is far from perfect.

      - Install wasn't too bad. Some instructions and a wiring diagram sure would have helped but I was able to piece it together watching random Youtube videos
      - Rear-view camera quality is good and it comes on reliably when going into reverse. Great to have the indicator lines and it's good that the parking sensors still work.
      - Once Android Auto connects the connection is very stable and works great
      - Screen is pretty reflective but not too bad, screen quality is really good and big upgrade from my existing 6.5" display.
      - Audio quality through the AUX wire has been great for me.

      My annoyances
      - The audio mutes when the reverse camera comes on. There is a setting in the advanced menu for "Reverse mute open/close" but the audio still mutes no matter which setting I choose. Very frustrating.
      - The reverse camera stays on for quite a while even after moving out of reverse (approximately 10 seconds). Not a major deal but it's just a bit weird to be driving down the street for a while with the reverse camera still on and not being able to use the screen.
      - I wish that there was better integration with the iDrive knob. Moving around the Android Auto menu and selecting things is fine, but I wish they would have set the "back" button on iDrive to mimic "back" in AA. Same with the menu/home button. Pressing it will drop you back to the head unit homescreen rather than behaving like pressing the home button in AA.
      - The reversing camera only just barely fits in the E91 wagon boot (ie trunk). The button on it actually broke off trying to get it to fit in and I had to repair it. Even then it required a lot of squeezing to finally get it to fit past where the rear BMW logo sits.
      - The USB connection is data only and barely provides enough power to charge the phone.

      Overall it is certainly an improvement but far from a flawless.

      Dave (Detroit, US)
      Great Value

      So far so good. Install time was greatly inflated due to lack of instructions. Needed to reference Google a few times. After working out a few kinks, I can say that I'm very happy with this unit at about half the cost of the MMI Prime. Back up camera shipped separately and about a week behind, so I will update after I receive and install that.

      barry seaton (Knoxville, US)
      2008 E61 Touring CCC +AUX (US lhdrive) front and rear cameras installed

      Agree with other comments re the unit as an upgrade. Some work to install. Worthwhile, despite limitations mentioned at bottom. Prompt email responses from wzandream, weekdays. Nice that maintains bmw system access for oil level etc.

      Recommend reading thru the reviews before buying/installing ... particularly appreciate the tips from Steven H, Frank N.
      and hunt online for various E60 head unit installation youtubes, repair of E61 wagon wiring loom videos helped for tailgate hinge access

      first Installed front and rear cameras, then the head unit. took this risk - so that cables then ready to attach to head unit, and a chance to inspect tailgate hinge wiring and fix if needed, first

      Rear camera in handle was installed using Frank N. wiring suggestions below (made red power connections only, including red rca, and loose red cable)... brought wiring up right side of tailgate, cutting hole in rubber grommet in gate under trim to fit yellow rca thru and alongside tail loom to the hinge ... used this time to inspect the loom for cracks/breaks. flexible cable fish wire very handy to pass thru speaker access and bring along edge of headliner to the front windshield post and down in beside (behind)glove box

      Front camera i bought from amazon has to be powered from ACC in fusebox in trunk. ugh. didn't fancy, cheated. added paddle connectors to red/black and tapped into 12v supply coming to cig lighter outlet in passgr footwell. pwrs with ignition. brought cables in thru the ecu box - there's an open rectangular firewall passthru back left corner - unclip and move relay on left wall for better access, with coathanger/fishwire - target bottom right of opening pushing down and right 45deg ... comes out in ftwell beside the flat air vent (ecu fan?) ... bring video up to glove box, power lines across to 12v connectors for cig. Front camera connects to brown dvr cvbs andream connection. ahd signal will not work(my camera came with loops to cut for several options). Removed rubber gasket and plastic holder under front edge of hood(bonnet), unscrewed top of front panel holding kidney grill to get verrrry tight hand/forearm access down behind kidney to pop out the quite breakable latches. (stubby flathead handy for the lower side clips) saves coming under car with camera to the lower bumper "mesh".

      Front camera video is accessed manually on the screen - great for low front bumper parking, but HAS to be switched off via the back/return button top right of the screen. iDrive type B menu button turns screen blank. hard reset. ymmv.
      Reverse camera pdc noises cannot be switched off, (even in coding), without also turning off camera. Reverse Camera switches off once you drive fwd 10mph or so.

      Factory code # 1368 reminder for iDrive version and reverse sound cut off settings.

      Wired Carplay does not appear to work. USB Carplay results "invalid" when selected with phone connected. Wireless works fine - both bluetooth and wifi required, it appears. Up Down arrows on steering wheel seems to jump two songs instead of to the next song... iDrive selection on screen works to jump to next. Or use touchscreen.

      my car has aux jack in back of arm rest, and aux option in the radio settings ... so didn't connect female aux dongle to anything and crossed fingers. first connection didn't stay in aux mode, had to manually reset was then fine ( ... so, you still have regular local radio access by cycling the radio mode button)

      (car data connection to the andream screen - the rectangular metal one, is relatively loose. electrical tape to better secure it ... mine came loose on installation, prongs got bent, carefully straightened, reconnected and secured)

      Installed slowly over a long long weekend+, trying to spot other fixes while in there, and not to break any$thing.

      Åke Wilén (Landvetter, SE)
      Great customer service

      Fast to inform and answer about details

      Jorien (Utrecht, NL)

      Recently I installed the carplay unit and I'm verry happy! Ok, it was not verry easy to install it in my bmw 3, because the space behind the dashboard is quit small. But it works! The glare can be pretty annoying. Great service, easy contact with the seller. Thank you!