Terms of service

Products introduction:
Andream navigation is easy to use. The navigation is compatible with USB audio and video functions, reversing camera, radio, electronic dog, etc., open the navigation interface, click on the settings to use its functions, the navigation function is very simple to use, set the destination first, then set the terminal point, click to start navigation.
Andream car navigation is realized by using car GPS (Global Positioning System) with electronic maps. It can easily and accurately tell the driver the shortest or fastest route to the destination. It is a good helper for the driver.
The car navigation system is mainly composed of a navigation host and a navigation display terminal. The built-in GPS antenna receives data from at least three of the 24 GPS satellites orbiting the Earth to determine where the car is currently located. The navigation host can determine the exact position of the car in the electronic map by matching the position coordinates determined by the GPS satellite signals with the electronic map data.
On this basis, it realize various functions such as bluetooth music streaming, handsfree phone dial, carplay OBD2 connection, steering wheel idrive control, touch screen, headrest screen output. It's an ideal infotainment device for drivers on the way.
Read our Q&A carefully to deal with basic problems.
For any problem you can't solve in your use, you could instantly contact our online store sales.

Do not be rude in installation of the products, if you can't do it by yourself, call a retrofit company. ( Damage by unproper use will void your products warranty)
To be careful not to damp the surface with water, in-case destroy the electronic board.
Choose regular GPS Navigator map suppliers and updated in time.
Avoi watching TV while driving, losing focus may cause traffic accidents.
The products life span is 3-4 years. We will only charge basic maintenance fee in this period.